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F.I.T. Family Loyalty

F.I.T. Family Loyalty is the consistent goal of every team member to interact in a way that is good and uplifting toward one another.

This good and uplifting interaction is displayed through the 10 pillars of F.I.T Family Loyalty.

  1. Respect
    1. Esteem others above ourselves.
    2. Be considerate of one another.
    3. Give honor and deference to our leaders
  2. Responsibility
    1. Take pride and ownership of your authority and tasks
  3. Teamwork
    1. To the best of your ability act in the best interest of your teammate and adhere together in adversary
  4. Loyalty
    1. Submitting your actions, attitude and decision making to the best interest of the F.I.T Vision and values.
  5. Communication
    1. Be Clear, Concise, and Compassionate in communicating with one another
  6. Punctuality
    1. Show up on time and ready for excellence
  7. Faithfulness
    1. Be a reliable trustworthy team member through honesty and hard work for one another
  8. Protecting Each Other
    1. Treat your teammates reputation like your own
  9. Vision Ownership
    1. Take ownership as well as find your authority within the F.I.T Vision
  10. Community Building
    1. Be great citizens within the F.I.T. Community as well as your own.