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Adults ABSOLUTELY LOVE our Martial Arts classes

in Florissant, MO!  

We have over 20 years of experience helping Adults with Self-Defense and Fitness training. At F.I.T. Martial Arts, Our Adult classes are amazing! We help Adults learn self-defense, self-control, fitness, focus, discipline, and much more!
You will love these classes and want to tell all of your friends!

Let us help you reach your greatest potential! We want to provide a place that they can call home where you will want to invite all of your friends. 
We protect our atmosphere at F.I.T. so that you don't have to worry about being intimidated, getting injured, or made fun of! When you become a member of our F.I.T. Family you will be well respected and cared for by your instructors and fellow students.
We have the PERFECT CLASS FOR YOU that offers Self-Defense, traditional martial art values, and Fitness training to get you in your BEST SHAPE!




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Everybody Welcome

At F.I.T. Martial Art Centers we welcome children starting at 4 years old all the way to adults at Senior Ages. We have families from all types of backgrounds, races, religions, vocations, and levels of experience. We have an excellent beginners program for those who are just getting started and excellent advanced programs for the athletes that have a significant amount of previous training or physical skill.


Our curriculum is challenging, fun, and exciting. We incorporate several different types of martial art styles within our belt curriculum so that you get the best training and knowledge.

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